The following questions and answers should hopefully help you understand the process of commissioning a quilt. Please send me an e-mail if you have more questions or wish to talk about a commission:

How long does it take for a commissioned quilt?
At least 8 weeks for smaller quilts, around 12 weeks for everything bigger than a throw sized quilt. 

What size do you offer?
Everything from crib to king (40"-100"). Each quilt is unique and finding the right size for your quilt depends on how you are planning to use it: Will it be displayed on your couch or used on your bed? Or do you plan to display the quilt on a wall?

Do you ship internationally?
Of course. All quilts are shipped securely packaged and insured.

What payment do you accept? 
All commissions are paid upfront to cover costs of material and my time invested. Before I start working on your commission, you will receive a written confirmation of the order. Accepted methods for now are Paypal and bank transfers.

How much does a quilt cost?
Cost always depends on size and complexity of the quilt. Smaller and simpler crib sized quilts start at around 350 Euros. A simple throw sized quilt starts at around 850 Euros. 

Wait, how much?!  Some thoughts on the cost of a quilt:
A lot of work and time go into making a quilt: 

  1. Design: Most of my quilts are original designs. A commissioned quilt is a highly personalized object. Your stories and ideas are part of the quilt. Also: Fabric selection! Solids, prints, used clothing? Everything is possible.  
  2. Cutting. Depending on the design, pattern and size of the quilt.
  3. Piecing the top. Depending on the design, pattern and size of the quilt.
  4. Preparing for quilting: piecing the back, baste and quilt. The quilting, besides piecing, is the most time consuming part. 
  5. Preparing and sewing on the binding: All my bindings are sewn on by machine and stitched to the back of the quilt by hand. 

I charge an hourly rate that includes my social security, my expenses, my coffee. I use high quality materials whenever possible. Pricing varies according to the size and complexity of the quilt and I always do my best to give you the most accurate estimate.