Blogger's Quilt Festival 2016

Howdy bloggers! 

The Bloggers Quilt Festival is one of my all time favorite things on the internet. While I am not a big blogger myself, I love this festival because it inspires me and I discover many new makers from all over the world. Yay! 

I realized my last blog post was written ages ago! It seems 2016 is forming to be a completely different year from what I have initially planned. I had lots of plans and started to set things in motion but then my day job took over and filled all my plates. So I work more than I anticipated but its fine, I am learning a ton and discovered a weird new to me interest in all things business ;)

To keep myself sane, I only have a few quilty to-dos left this year: finish a big quilt for an upcoming group exhibition and book a flight for quiltcon soon! That should be manageable, right? 

But first: Blogger's Quilt Festival! Thanks Amy for hosting this event again! I really like the idea of splitting it up and have one for IG and one blogger's edition.  

I have decided to enter a quilt this year in the modern category. The design is based on a pencil drawing by artist Alaric Hobbs. With his permission, I turned the drawing into a quilt.

A quick disclaimer: I took all these pictures with my phone, I simply haven't had the time to properly document my recent finishes. 

Here is my studio mate Matt battling a Berlin breeze after I finished the top:

A quick info on construction: I paper pieced the cube, even the unpieced middle sections. This way I was sure that it is a mathematically correct cube. I am still working on writing up a pattern for it but despite its simple look, I haven't figured out the perfect math for it. 

For the quilting, I wanted to emphasize on the cube; the three sides are all straight line quilted in 1/2" lines but in different directions. The background is 1" apart. Here is a detail shot: 

I would like to make a second version someday that is a) more colorful and b) has a more organic quilting. Don't get me wrong, I love this quilt but there are so many possibilities. 

Here is a shot of the finished quilt:

As this quilt was a (rather quick) experiment, the fabrics used are scraps (the greys), muslin (the background) and Ikea (on the back). 

And because this picture makes me so happy: here is a shot of my little corner during our open studio back in June. Since hanging a couple of my quilts on a wall in the same space it is a undeniable fact that I am into black and white...

Thanks for taking a look! Linking back to Amys Blogger's Quilt Fesitval again. Have a lot of fun this week!

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